What Things Do These Three Outstanding Ice Skaters Have In Common?

The vast majority of us attempt ice skating sooner or later in our lives. Skating all around in clockwise circles with the twist in our countenances At that point go inside for hot chocolate, our cheeks blushing and fingers chilled through the gloves. In the event that we skated in reverse effectively, it was an accomplishment.  Bonnie Blair began skating all around in circles when she was just two. It turned out to be more than entertainment for her. Her five kin dashed in speedskating competions and she grew up figuring out how to skate alongside them. Somebody nicknamed her Obscure as a result of her speed. The name stuck. She holds two awards from 1988’s Olympic Games, one gold and one bronze. In 1992 she increased two more gold. She holds five Olympic gold decorations and one bronze. The main individual to win gold in three back to back Olympic Games, she is an astonishing pace skater.

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Resigned since 1995 she honed the ladies on the speed skating group setting them up for the following Winter Olympic Games. She and her better half Dave Cruikshank lived in Milwaukee to be near the Olympic size arena in West Allis on Wisconsin’s State Fair grounds. She likewise flies around the nation in her work as a motivational speaker to partnerships right up ’til the present time.  Tonya Harding began skating at four years old. Her home life was said to be troublesome with insecure guardians who are currently separated. Disregarding this she could have an effective profession in ice skating. She put fourth in her first Olympic Games. She was notable as the main lady ready to arrive a triple pivot. She did it in short and long projects. Before skating in the Olympics she performed effectively a quad circle. This was accomplished for a Texaco business.

At that point in 1994 she won ahead of everyone else at Nationals. Her last Olympic execution was a fiasco with her halting her program and requesting that the judges permit her to begin once again. She mournfully demonstrated to them a broken ribbon on one ice skates.  Tonya Harding concede to connivance for not collaborating with police in the examination of Jeff Gillooly and Shane Stant. She’s banned for life by the US Figure Skating Association. She will never contend in an authorized rivalry for whatever remains of her life. She competed in the ESPN challenge in 2000 by welcome. The group appeared to welcome her and she won second place. Presently she guarantees she might want to assemble her very own skating show sometime in the future.  Michelle Kwan holds the record number of awards from the US National Championships. She was World Champion five circumstances. She has a silver decoration from the 1998 Olympic Games and a bronze from the 2002 Olympics